Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Goats Collide

Umm, yeah. About that new start Aaron, don't get too comfortable. Because you're moving again. This time, to Chicago ... where there's no doubt that Aaron Heilman, a goat many times in New York, will combine with Chicago's billy goat and they will cancel each other out, propelling the Cubs to the World Series (but not before he kicks off the Mets' annual September swoon at Citi Field on the fourth, fifth, and sixth where he will either pitch a no-hitter, or pitch three perfect set up innings ... one in each game ... prompting Cole Hamels to have a chuckle.)


MetFanMac said...

The moment I saw the headline on I literally began clawing at my face and moaning. Why oh why didn't we put a clause in the trade saying he couldn't be returned to the NL??

Metstradamus said...

Actually, I believe the Mariners now owe the Packers four draft picks.