Saturday, January 24, 2009

Embarrassment of Riches

Cory Sullivan and Rob Mackowiak? You mean Jerry Manuel can burn one of these light-hitting lefty sticks as a defensive replacement and still have the other one to pinch hit when the club needs a sacrifice bunt? Combine them with Jeremy Reed and you've got some serious managerial flexibility my friend. It's no wonder why Met fans feel so spoiled. After all, spare outfielders who can't hit Miley Cyrus' weight don't grow on trees, you know. And Omar Minaya has signed them all!

Manny Ramirez? Who needs him. Get me the next Andy Tomberlin ... stat!

Heck, let's sign the original Andy Tomberlin.


Jaap said...

I hear that Junior Felix and Darren Bragg are so excited they're both considering coming out of retirement for a shot at the left field rotation!

GM-Carson said...

Are the Mets really choke artists-

Anonymous said...

Heilman is so bad ... (How bad is he?)
The Mariners traded him before he even pitched!
Heilman now a Cub -- insult to injury for Cub-fans.