Friday, November 16, 2007

Not A Charge Was True

I gotta hand it to the crack staff here at "Musings", they have their cameras everywhere...even at the final meeting between Paul Lo Duca and Mets brass, where they may have accused him of calling the wrong pitches during the '06 Playoffs:

As the song says: not a charge was true. Guess Paulie will be on his way to Denver to prove he's a man.


fredstradamus said...

Wasn't it LoDuca who threw the ... oh, wait ... that was Guillermo Mota.

This move will set the Mets back a LONG way. I can't believe how dumb our franchise is being.

Jimmy037 said...

Brilliant !!! I thought a Sammy the Bull casting may have been a better choice. Didn't he move to Arizona also ????

Anonymous said...

That's perfect.

I never realized how much like high school the Mets front office is.