Monday, March 06, 2006

Taking Stock

Here's what I know:

I know my reason for hating this World Baseball Uniform Sale/Tournament. It trumps everything I said before.

Bernie Williams, playing for Puerto Rico, with Mets surrounding him...on his own team and the the Mets spring training facility...getting a "Let's Go Bernie" chant from the crowd (obviously not screened at the gate for pinstripes) in the fifth inning as he batted against Billy Wagner in the 5th inning of Puerto Rico's 6-1 exhibition win over the split twice squad Mets.

This is what happens when you mess with the natural order of the universe with a dopey tournament. You get Bernie Williams chants at Tradition Field.

Bud Selig, the blood is on your hands.

This wasn't Puerto Rican pride happening either, so don't give me that jazz. There were no "Let's Go Carlos" chants for Mr. Beltran. No chants for Javy Lopez, or Alex Cintron. No, these were Yankee fans starting trouble. These are undercover operatives torching religious establishments trying to start demonstrations and violent rallies and civil wars when all anybody ever wanted was to watch baseball in peace.


Here's what else I know:

Juan Padilla, after pitching today against the Mets for Puerto Rico (and while we're at it, where were the chants for The Fly in Port St. Lucie?), bowed out of the tournament because his arm didn't feel 100%. I hope that meant "my arm isn't up to full strength yet and I need to compete for a spot in an already crowded Met bullpen", and not "my arm suddenly has a twinge after trying to throw hard in a Puerto Rican uniform and I need to bow out before my shoulder falls out of its socket".

I'm guessing the former. But if it's the latter, that's more blood on your hands Bud.


Here is what I learned so far this spring:

Many Met fans have seen Lastings Milledge play at one point or another. Today was my first opportunity to see him. I saw two balls hit hard, and I saw a hustling diving catch in the ninth inning of a meaningless game.

Needless to say, I was impressed.

If Milledge is wearing a Red Sox uniform in April (or any other uniform other than a Mets organization uni), I'll find a way to blame Selig for that too. After all, he does have to sign off on the deal, no?


At least one of Steve Schmoll's pitches has yet to cross the plate. I've seen less fluttering in moths.


Everyone tuned in to the ESPN Puerto Rico/Mets tournament missed the Mets other game today, a 16-2 loss to Los Angeles. I for one, didn't miss it one bit. The Dodgers hit a franchise record 57 home runs today as Met pitchers made a star out of Andy LaRoche (just like they did with Adam last year).


Steve Phillips, working for ESPN, interviewed former assistant (and current head honcho) Omar Minaya in the booth during today's game. He told heart warming stories about how Omar was the "idea man", coming to Phillips with ideas after ideas, getting them all shot down. Then Phillips came up with an idea that of course Minaya agreed with (as you would all do with your bosses to keep your job). Gee, maybe Steve would still have a job if he had listened to his assistant every now and again.


Cool Breez said...

I don't know about you, but when I saw Steve Phillips on T.V today I wanted to puke. I loved the part where he said to Omar "You can Take my job anytime." I seem to find myself Pissed at the T. V every time he is on. Am I crazy or do others feel the same way?

Metstradamus said...

Well I don't know if you're crazy, but others feel the same way. Here's proof

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Oh man, that interview with Omar was as uncomfortable as it gets! Both the guys liiked like they were squirming the entire time!

iamSINATRA said...

1-Milledge looks great. If Omar trades him for any over the hill talent then he will be joining Phillips in the ESPN broadcast booth. Knowing Omar he'd probably opt for ESPN Deportes or Univision.

2-I wonder if Phillips bothered listening to Omar's suggestions about cheating on his wife and (my favorite) replacing Valentine with the very effective and underrated Art Howe did I ever get a job as a manager?.

bmc said...

Steve Phillips, "They moved Reyes to 2nd to make room for Kaz, but he's benen a real disappointment for them."

What a cock knocker. HE SIGNED Kaz!


Benny Blanco from da bronx said...

Not to be a dickhead but Steve Phillips didn't sign Kaz Matsui. Duquette signed him.
Steve Phillips had Rey Sanchez, Jay Bell, and Jeff Duncan on his squad before getting fired.

Joe said...

As my young nephew would say: Steve Phillips is a Poopie Monster.

I'm not a fan of watching the Puerto Rican Mets play the Norfolk Mets.

Minglet said...

I'd just like to comment on the David Wright salary issue..

If the mets are legit this year with the playoff race and the NL east race and they need a respectable bat, or pitcher of some kind at the deadline, they are going to need the money in order to acquire them..

Giving Wright the money he deserves now is just a poor buisness decision...Wright can't become a free agent for a few years and when the time is right, I'm certain he will get the money he has earned and deserves, but to pay him out the ying yang now and not keep some money in the bank is a poor decision..

The last two years has almost spoiled us Mets fans because it appears that Wilpon's pocket has become bottomless, but nonetheless he still draws the line in the sand somewhere..

The question becomes, Why pay right a large amount now, when you can get away with paying him the way they are without any negative drawbacks?

David Wright knows the game well, you can tell by the way he conducts himself on and off the field. He knows and is learning what it is like to be a major league ball player, and what its like being young.

Rest assured fans, he will get the money he deserves when the organization needs to give him that money.


Anonymous said...

Metsra...gotta check out this SportsWiki called Armchair GM. We need more Mets rants on there...too many Yankee fans! You can post you articles right up on the site and you can promote your blog there.

Metstradamus said...

Eric (aka Mr. Minglet),

I think there's been a misunderstanding as to what I think the Mets should do (or have done) with David Wright. People get the impression that I want Wilpon to give him $10 million right away. What I would have hoped the Mets had done was not stay so strict to the sliding scale and give Wright maybe a little extra now and not just a raise for "cost of living expenses". That's what schmucks like you and me get, not a player that brings in beaucoup (did I spell that right this time? I've had trouble with that word in the past) bucks in terms of merchandising and even some in ticket sales. Even if the bump in salary is more of the "token bump" variety, just to give the impression that he really means something to them, and not the impression that he's no different than Butch Huskey and Alex Ochoa. And I really truly believe a small token now will go a long way when it comes time for him to get really paid, when if confronted with a choice between the Mets offering fair market value, and another team offering a good deal more, he'll be less likely to bolt for the money...remembering the small gesture back in 2006.

And I think that's not only good for business, it requires a little forward thinking that escapes the "numbers crunchers" and "capologists" that have taken root in professional sports today.

Fatty said...

Please be advised that you are currently part of our blogosphere roster at Keep the faith and have a great season!!!

Metstradamus said...

Why thank you Fatty!