Friday, January 29, 2010

Voodoo Dolls, Mongolian Barbecue, And The Collective "You" (With A Drizzle Of Liquid Concrete)

Bringing Fernando Tatis back, no matter how he may or may not help the Mets in 2010, is further proof that this is a regime that will never get out of his own way.

Forget that Nick Evans just threw away his Tatis voodoo doll (it obviously doesn't work.) But consider the following which Mack Ade crystallizes for us:
  • Instead of keeping Billy Wagner, offering arbitration, and getting two first round picks when Wagner goes to chase the closer's job he wasn't getting in New York, the Mets trade him to the Red Sox for Chris Carter ... a AAAA power hitting first baseman ... and in the process save over two million bucks.
  • Then, the Mets take most of that two million dollars and give it to Tatis to play first base. With Ike Davis most likely hitting Queens in 2011, they've basically insured that Carter, their big haul from the Wagner trade, will never spend any significant time with the New York Mets. They've also proven that their main concern with the Wagner trade was to save money ... and they didn't even do that right.
Don't worry. Maybe one day, the Mets will actually catch their tail. And maybe Carter and Val Pascucci can trade depressing stories over poker and Mongolian barbecue. Hopefully, they will save a seat for Evans and Craig Brazell at the table. And maybe they'll all flip on the Mets game in their hotel room and watch Wagner get Tatis to ground into a 4-6-3 double play to end a ballgame.

I ask you, as in the collective you, because the collective you is smarter than the collective me. What would you rather do ... spend $2.5 million on Corporal Matthews and $1.5 million (with incentives) on Fernando Tatis, or take that money and put it towards the two draft picks you would have gotten for Wagner, and just gone with Pagan in center and Murphy or Carter at first, hence start to think future while banking on the fragile present such as Reyes, Beltran and Santana to keep your head above water?

To me, Corporal is a waste of money no matter how much the Angels kick in, and while Tatis is okay (especially at a base of $800,000) outside of the odd double play or two or thirteen, he represents the Same Old Mets with the emphasis on "old" (Seems that "Same Old" label has gone from the Jets to the Mets in much the same way that Youppi went from the Expos to the Canadiens). And in the end he's pointless simply because you're waiting for Ike Davis anyway. So that's $3.3-4 million on anywhere from fair to poor instead of that money invested in the potential for great. It isn't like Matthews and Tatis are the final pieces to the puzzle ... they're merely expensive fixes for the leaks in the dam. It's like paying for liquid concrete when Mighty Putty is really all you need.

And if Corporal's UZR declines any further, I guarantee you liquid concrete will be the first think that comes to your mind as you watch another fly ball fall harmlessly to the ground.


Luis said...

I had one of my STUDENTS ask me why the Mets didnt offer arbitration to Wagner and get draft picks-A HIGH SCHOOL KID!!

FeceMcGee said...

Ughhh the Mets are so dumb.

Angel Pagan is a stop gap anyway and we're already paying him.

Fernando "Show Me Your" Tatis is hampering Nick Evans' development and, in a sense, Daniel Murphy's as well (remember he was at his best when he and his buddy Evans were trying to outdo each other a la Benny Agbayani/Jay Payton)

And to top it all off, those 2 top draft picks we could've had? They would've come from Atlanta... meaning we could've hurt them at the minor league level and thus help the future Mets beat the future Braves... but eh, why think too much?

Unser said...

Spot on. Too bad Kevin Burghardt didn't ask him these questions yesterday.

James Allen said...

The 2010 Mets: We have... um... players! And they wear... er... uniforms! Nice clean ones! With names and numbers and everything! Catch the magic, we could get lucky!

Trash Man said...

I thought I heard 10,000 Mets fans say in unison "yeah...right," when Omar said that he was in charge.

They say people either get good at doing the job or making excuses. It's easy to see what category Omar falls into.

They have had 3 players (Marquis, Pinero and Hudson) begging to play for the Mets, but they just won't spend the cash except tired, old, veterans with no tread left on the tires.

King Metropolitan said...

I often dream of "What Could Have Happened?" with this team.