Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Call Him ... Dragon Slayer

Well, awesome. Because boy have we got some dragons for you!

Yes, Josh Fogg ... this so called Dragonslayer ... is the newest pitcher added to the fold here in Queens. And in a winter where the Mets were in want of a starting pitcher, Fogg brings the total number of games started by Met acquisitions in 2009 to a grand total of three.

But Josh Fogg will find out that becoming a New York Met means he'll have to battle beasts scarier than mere dragons. And if he's going to slay these beasts he'll probably have to do it from the non-enviable position of being the new mop-up man/long reliever. Although knowing the Mets and their bad luck (which is the residue of bad design), he may be the second starter as he aims for the rotation.

So take your new sword, beastmaster, and shoo those beasts away:

Shoo beast, shoo.

You shall cast ye jinx no more!



calzone said...

Damus, I am becoming concerned that before pitchers and catchers even report you will be in a straight jacket in a rubber room, foaming at the mouth.

Hazeleyes said...

Quite honestly, the way things are going, the most popular giveaway day at Citifield this year will be vouchers for a free session with a shrink.

They will drive us all mad before long!