Friday, October 30, 2009

Mutiny For Dummies

I'd love to play Stratego against the Wilpons ... they'd turn all their pieces facing me to start the game.

Not enough that they're bringing in former Diamondback Chip Hale to coach third base, but they're also talking to former Diamondback Bob Melvin about the position of bench coach. Now bench coach, as you know, is like being one scandal away from the Presidency. Somebody must have realized that Razor Shines was one inappropriate joke by Snoop Manuel away from being manager of the New York Mets, and understood what it was like to survive four years of Dan Quayle as the Vice President.

(Seriously? Topical humor from 1990? Any Sinead O'Connor jokes you wanna unleash there, Metstradamus?)

So let's not only attempt to have a former manager come in and be the bench coach, which is obvious enough, let's also bring his base coach in too! Wow, I think even the kids that have never played a game of Clue in their lives could figure this one out. The question is, can Snoop figure it out before it's too late?

And if he does, what's the point? This happens all the time, and I don't get it. What are we hoping to accomplish here? What the Mets, and every other team that does this, is saying is that "you'd better go 35-5 or your ass is getting canned", or something like that. But just as with Kevin Towers and JP Ricciardi for jobs potentially working under Omar Minaya, being faced with your eventual replacement isn't going to make you smarter, or make you a better manager. That's The Winner Within b.s. If there's a chance that Snoop isn't the right person to lead your club, then why not just get it over with rather than go through the whole charade of 40 games and cause another international incident of firing another manager after one game of a west coast trip? Is it a public relations thing? Must be. I didn't major in that. I hope Manuel majored in looking over his shoulder.


tommy_calzone said...

It goes back to what we've been saying for months now.

2010 will be another "wasted" season.

It's 2008 redux.

I'm convinced this organization will NEVER "get it".

(Especially after hearing they MADE money on Madoff yet let the fanbase think they lost so they could keep payroll where it was).

Even though I hoped the WS matchup would slap the Dilpons with the reality stick - just like I hoped ObaMao was serious when he said he was gonna end the petty bickering in DC.

Hope in one hand, crap in the other see which fills up first I guess.

I have sent numerous emails to Mark Cuban urging him to make an offer they can't refuse & buy the Mets.....He has not responded....yet.

Hazeleyes said...

I am already dreading the 2010 season and it's not even November yet.

Because I know that nothing good will happen. No great signings, no significant trades, no smart staff selections...

I am truly disheartened at what has happened to this organization.

Trash Man said...

They say people are good at two things: Either getting the job done or making excuses. The Wilpons are going exponentially beyond that in the making excuses department. They are pre-planning their excuses and what they'll do when their current management fails. Why are they planning ahead? Because they expect failure. Why do they expect failure? Because they are unwilling to fix the problem. No doubt they will have their Annual Day of Apology after the 2010 season ends just like 2006-2009. And we will have more excuses and more false promises.

The Glider said...

I think the Wilpons are trying to hedge their bets that Dr. Hibbert and Omar will be successful. Fat chance ... and the Wilpons know it. They just want to try and save as much money on those contracts as possible. Winning, of course, comes second.