Monday, December 17, 2007

Bang For My Buck

If the Mets are going to raise ticket prices for basically the same group of players and coaches that were there last season, most likely without any of that cash being put back into the money pit known as Shea Stadium in it's final season, I think I should get something back for my money. I think the least that I, as a fan, have a right to expect, is Heidi Klum to provide me with a deep tissue massage using Wesson Oil after the bottom of the fifth ... you know, when the game becomes official.

But if she does it for me, then I guess then she would have to provide a massage for everyone else in the stands. And boy would her arms be tired ... especially when the house is packed on, say, Merengue Night.

But if she can't get to everybody, then how about at the very least she gets help from those "Deal or No Deal" girls?

On second thought, bad idea. The vegetable oil will probably have me baste like a chicken during those day games in July. Not to mention that while I'm face down enjoying magic fingers, Jeff Wilpon will probably steal my wallet to help pay for Livan Hernandez's inevitable contract.

Enjoy my blood money. Auf Wiedersehen.


Anonymous said...

What the hell? The Mets figure "if we're playing our last season at Shea Stadium, we might as well go out with a bang...(LARGER PROFIT). It's similar to the BS other teams were pulling on their fans when the better teams would come to their city to play. Those games were labeled "PREMIUM GAMES" and the fans were charged more for those specific games. As if the current admission price, food, beverages and poor quality souveniers weren't OVERPRICED as it is. Baseball fans are GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT.

MP said...

You know what's funny? That the Mets think they're getting my money for a 7-pack again this year. $255 for 7 games in the Mezz Reserved? You tell me how sitting in the green seats not in the boxes is worth ~$35 a ticket and then being hoisted into Row V for the Yankee game. The set on Freddie Coupon is ginormous.

Anonymous said...

$575 for two Saturday-seats in the UR Plan (13 games). Freddie's gonna force me to scalp my NYM v. NYY tix--oops! He wants that! The Mets are now letting fans scalp through StubHub---I guess they want us to get used to our 2009 "Box Office" for that Ebbetts Field travesty, a Wilpon Wet Dream of 45,000 seats for the Calvinist Chosen Few of Corporate Flunkies.

Charity said...

There goes our honeymoon.

Seriously I don't know if we can afford 7 straight game decent tickets. Oh well, stubhub/ticketsnow here we come!

Anonymous said...

Thats why I love the Brooklyn Cyclones. $77 for a 7-game plan, sitting right behind home plate. Watching guys hustle and play hard every game. No millionaires lolly-gagging around the outfield, lolly-gagging around the infield, lolly-gagging down to first base. You know what that makes them?