Friday, September 28, 2007

Where's David Chase With The Black Screen When You Need Him?

Steve Perry just called me.

He says I should stop believing now.

Can anybody else give me a valid reason to believe? Because nobody who wears a Mets uniform and gets paid for it has given me any.

Do you realize that the Mets' collapse has been so swift, and so severe, that they may not even make it to the last day of the season without getting eliminated? The time for being stunned is over. If you have tickets for the weekend games, don't be afraid to let this organization know how you feel...whether it be one way, or the other.


Metstradamus said...

By the way, while I'm thinking about it, how could David Wright not know that that's a force play at third? That's little league stuff. And this is the guy we give MVP chants too? Unbelievable.

OK, sorry to play comment guy along with blogger. You may now commence comments at your own risk.

The Metmaster said...

Gutless cowards led by a befuddled manager. They are an embarrassment that will be talked about for generations of baseball fans. Well done Mets, well done. I've been a fan for over 40 years and I've never been so ashamed of the Mets. Call early for good tee times.

Anonymous said...

You can wiggle anything you want and do any ridiculous ritual that you feel works....the fact is that this team is lost and their fans are lost. Look at the difference between what's happening in Philly and how Flushing looks. The last time I saw faces like that was at Yankee Stadium in 2004 for Yankees-Sox and after the Cubs lost to the Marlins in 2003.

Now the division is out of their hands and the wild card is even more remote than that. The home record for this team this year and over the last eight games is inexcusable.

Its not over yet....but the odds of pulling this out are much lower. By the way, wasn't Willie a coach for the Yankees during the 2004 historic loss to the Red Sox? That would make it twice that Willie has been on the wrong side of history in three years! I realize he is a two time world champ as a player and four timer as a coach.....but what's happened lately must have to do with some karma?

New York has really created some great baseball memories in recent years in both sides of town.

Unknown said...

at least with only two games left the braves can't pass them too

i seriously am trying so hard to hold out hope, and im usually the positive mets fan so im trying to lift my friends' spirits, but my god, this is ugly

i was the guy running around last night and today screaming ya gotta believe and how it's not over, but wow. The team rolled over tonight...and the night before, and well, basically, a lot.

i loved keith's comment "peniero's game lst night would have shut out the 27 yankees...well ok, maybe not"

Anonymous said...

They also couldn't win against BK "have it your way" Kim who doesn't even seem to be concentrating on the mound! The Marlins play poor fundamentals and don't even slide into bases when they are implored to do so by their coaches. The Marlins are still playing...but they are so beatable...just another disgrace.

Anonymous said...

"Gutless cowards led by a befuddled manager. They are an embarrassment that will be talked about for generations of baseball fans. Well done Mets, well done. I've been a fan for over 40 years and I've never been so ashamed of the Mets. Call early for good tee times."

Wow - except for the golf part, these are my thoughts verbatim. I am 46 years old and became a fan literally on my Dad's knee in '64 or so and this is the lowest, most shameful moment in Mets history -- and that's saying a lot, given the number of 90+ loss seasons we've had.

"Gutless cowards led by a befuddled manager." Yes. Yes. When I wrote those types of words (and I have, a lot, recenlty in other blogs) I get tons of HEAT from Met fans who refuse to accept the truth.

This IS a gutless team. Randolph MUST be fired - by Minaya, who should then get whacked by Jeffy Wilpon.

Queens is burning, and it really reeks.

Anonymous said...

omar and willie aren't out there throwing the balls, or hitting the balls.

these are grown men at the end of the day. i would blame the media, and the salaries. not omar or willie (although the jury is out on willie right now at my house).

oh, fuck, what am i saying, CHAD BRADFORD. Scott Schoeneweis. Mota. Aaron Sele. I won't go on. Okay, I'm on the Omar bandwagon. The problem with that is i just know all these racist thugs calling into WFAn are all "if we get rid of omar, then there's no more of that 'los mets'" and i don't want to give them what they want.

Anonymous said...

What's up bitches..


M**** F****

The Metmaster said...

I just read an article in the Daily News. Randolph is telling the team "Visualize yourself sipping champagne, getting a line drive up the middle, making that great pitch or hitting a home run." Is this guy looney or what?? And I thought Peterson was a nut!!!
Here's what Randolph will tell them today: "Visualize yourself on the Taconic Parkway next week noticing the rich hues and colors of the turning leaves, the feel of the sand between your toes, hitting that 9-iron crisply and landing on the heart of the green, sipping a beer in the "19th Hole". Do you really think Torre jazzes up the Yankees this way? Somewhere up there Gil Hodges is in stitches.

Anonymous said...

I really can't care that it's the Phillies. Because despite their being hotter than hell right now, I know they're gonna fold on cue like always and all those fat cheese steak stuffed jerkoffs will be silenced until Spring training.

The Mets have forgotten how to play little league ball let alone the Major League variety. And for that they should be taken to task. Yes last year Willie looked like pure genius. This year he looks like a guy who got lucky last year by having a red hot team.

I'm still a believer in Omar Minaya (despite the horrendous bullpen he's left us to work with) but Willie...I'm not sure what he's thinking. Eventually one must go all Lou Piniella on his team and Willie is just giving me the impression that he's giving his guys a free pass night after night. This is a go-batshit-crazy-in-a-closed-door-meeting situation and I know Willie just isn't doing that.

PS- I thought this blog was free of Philly fans. Again, I can't be upset about them, because they have to live there.

Anonymous said...



"Picture cleaning out your locker on the first of October. Imagine the pin-drop silence in the clubhouse. Visualize the headlines on the New York papers and your avoidance of them for at least 3 weeks after the World Series is over. Visualize your agent calling you to tell you Vitamin Water called and they want out of your contract."

katherine said...

Fellow commenters, ENOUGH with all the insults and epithets , these are the guys you loved all season long!! How could you call them such terrible names? True, they absolutely crumpled psychologicaly in the last 2 weeks due to the horribleness of fighting back, getting leads, then having the bullpen blow it, night after night.
I have always felt that the amazing shock and joy of the 6th game of the 86 World Series was all of the sports happiness any fan deserved in a lifetime. So maybe all of us who were around for that will have to die off before the Mets can win again.

Anonymous said...

Ugggh. I am a diehard Mets fan who unfortunately lives in the city of Brotherly Love. I know -- how can a Mets fan live in Philly? Well sometimes family, and job opportunities take precedence over sports allegiances.

Up until the past week I've shrugged off all of the jerkoffs at work saying --- "you hear those footsteps?". The Phillies have always been a rival but not one that I've ever taken that seriously. The city is nuts down here and I can't take it. The listless METS have all but blown it and the Phils are rolling.

I'm not sure I'll even get the out of market baseball package next year. Too much misery.

Coop said...

When all else fails, we as mets fans know nothing else but to believe. And I believed until last night they still had a chance to eke this thing out. I'm still rooting, I'll still be at the game today. But I'm sorry this is just a DEFEATED team.

I'm going to have to disagree that this is something to pin on Willie, or Omar, or front office, or the BP, or whatever. it's more than that. Sure, I hate Willie, I've taken him to task on many things and he'll definitely be on the hot seat next year, we all know that. Omar, this is Omar's third year. He did a lot of good his first two years and I think we got spoiled by having a "competent" GM for the first time in mets history (well, except for Cashen but he dismantled the team just as forcefully as he did in rebuilding)...

This is a TEAM thing. When the pitching was spot-on, the bats were MIA. When the bats were hot, you had the likes of tom Glavine giving up 6 runs after an 8-run Mets lead. When the starting pitching was decent, we could always depend on the BP to make it "interesting." When the BP was spot on, guess what? The starters had already given the game away. And when Carlos Delgado finally woke up his bat, he gets injured and is out for a few. I know it looked l ike they underachieved, but this team just did not click on all cylinders at any point in this season.

What does it mean? They perform when there is no pressure? Residual from the NLCS? Not taking losses to the Nats or the Marlins early on in the season seriously, leaving no margin of error for September?

Well, they better get used to it. Postseasons are all about playing under pressure. This team has no marbles. Of course, I'll be there today, saying thank you sir, may I have another? What the hell is wrong with me?

Mike said...

I'm sick.

Unknown said...

Sadly--or maybe not so--I won't be there today due to illness. My Saturday Plan friend bowed out days ago because he's 73 and has been to too many real funerals the past few years. (And speaking of, condolences to Endy, who lost his sister last to a long illness yesterday.) I have nothing wise to say; no quick solution for 2008 and beyond. My emotions just tell me how hurt I was after the 2006 Mets fell short--really hurt--I loved that team. I could never take to the 2007 team, and I blame myself for being too arrogant and feeling too entitled. As for CitiField, I'll spare ye the rant. Thank you, Metstra, for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

katherine, I agree with everything you said.

As down as I was last night, there is still hope. I'm glad the Mets play at 1:00 and the Phillies at 4:00. Hopefully the Mets will win, put the pressure on the Phils, with Adam Eaton pitching, and lose. Again, they would be tied. Maybe this is another miracle that is about to happen that will rival 1986. I just have to keep believing and won't stop until the Mets are mathematically eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Haven't posted here for a while, been out of town all summer.

I must chime in and say that I am ashamed that in every city I've been through over the past two weeks I've been lambasted with Mets mockery.

I try to console myself with "well at least they're talking baseball in Oklahoma instead of retarded college football..." but it's, of course, no comfort.

I'm sorry, but I've stood by Randolph until about a month ago. Thanks for making me play the fool Willie.

There are very few things a manager actually does. Make out the lineup. Manage the bullpen. Handle the pyschology of the team.

The lineup is pointless as countless stats show. The statistically worst lineups are barely different from the best when it comes to expected run production.

The bullpen? C'mon.

Let's painfully remember Feliciano facing one batter when Wagner couldn't throw. Please Randolph, show a bit of faith in arguably the second best pitcher on the team.

If I were Feliciano I would have torn the f___ing dugout to pieces getting yanked there. I guess a .221 average vs Righties doesn't cut it in our sterling bullpen.

I could go on. We all could.

Psychology of the team?

The biggest failure of all. Randolph looks out of his league, in over his head, late to the dance, whatever... you pick the phrase.

This should be the best team in the National League. To whoever said yesterday "wouldn't you have been happy at the beginning of the season to be tied for first with three games left?"...


I would have been SHOCKED to hear that.

I'll coin it now and I can't believe I'm saying it... but...


beezermess said...

There are 25 reasons why the Mets have crashed like the stock market of 1929 and not one of them is named Randolph. LoDuca said it best...he basically said that if we (the team) don't get our heads out of our asses, then we are going home....
Not to ruin a good moment, but where the hell was Maine before this start....

upstate met fan said...

13-0? Really okay. they'll lose 3-0 tomorrow and it will be over.. right? Please?

See you next year!

Anonymous said...

To see the Fans Crying in the stands, it made me cry my eyes out This Mets Team really let us the Fans down Tom Glavine should just retire this game let him know his career is over just like our Season. 9/30/07