Monday, September 10, 2007

Tasty Gravy

When not working on his new theory of relativity, his healing powers, and his mission to build a better mousetrap, Pedro Martinez is pitching. And he's signing autographs. And he's giving curtain calls.

Beating the Astros and stranding more runners than the S.S. Minnow only gives the Mets a taste of the things Petey can provide. Remember folks, this is gravy. All of it. None of us counted on Pedro Martinez to come back at all this season. So to see him do what he's doing only enhances the taste of the season. There's plenty to go around as a main course. But having Pedro walk a highwire for five innings and come out unscathed, somehow goes down smooth and easy.

One wonders how this is going to play out in October, when there will be five pitchers dancing around until the music stops for four, and maybe even three available starting pitcher chairs available for the postseason. Pedro could very well have one of those seats. Or, he could keep dancing around the bullpen and come in for those pressure situations as the veteran safety net for guys like John Maine and Oliver Perez. If he's only going to go five innings the rest of his starts, that may be the best role for him for 2007. Who knows. At least he'll have a role, which is more than the Mets could have ever hoped for last October.

(Editor's note: for those who were in the bathroom washing their daughter's hands during Petey's 3,000th career K, here's the moment frozen for you. If you weren't in the bathroom, then why not relive it one more time anyway...)


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you re: Pedro in the pen. If not, it likely will be Maine in the pen, no?

And if Mota makes the post-season roster I will absolutely flip. Putting aside his ineffective pitching, up 3 runs he tries to get the lead runner on a sac bunt, putting the tying run at the plate?!? I'd rather see Phil Humber or Willie Collazo in there.

Anonymous said...

It seems that since Pedro came back the hole Mets team is playing better. Do you think he has anything to do with it?

Anonymous said...

El Duke in the pen like he did when he shut the Mets down for the Yankees in 2000

Anonymous said...

Glavin, Pedro, Perez and Maine should be starters. Maine and Perez did pretty well last year. The bull pen of Mota and Hileman gave the games away.

Anonymous said...

Ah, more stuff for Abby's scrapbook!

Thanks, bro!