Saturday, June 02, 2007

To Ruben, I Offer My Kingdom

A day game after a night game means that folks are going to be tired. Apparently, the folks who change the Topps cards to reflect the batting order over the ticket windows were too tired as well. We all went in thinking that Damion Easley was batting third again. But it was last night's lineup, as we found out when David Wright announced himself as the third hitter. Apparently, everyone in the house was presently surprised as the crowd in the section of right field that couldn't see the scoreboard let out a collective "Oh? Ooh! Yeeeeah!"

Nice of the Shea staff to keep us on our toes. Thanks, we're awake now.

Even with Sugar Pants back the Mets are still going to need help from the bench, and Gotay has given it to them. Omar traded Jeff Keppinger for Ruben Gotay and I wondered what the point was. Here was the point: Gotay made sure I saw my first victory this season. That's the point. So I should sit down and shut up. Thanks Ruben. I needed to be at a victory this season or else I would have had a complex going. And the last thing I needed was another one. (Heck I would have been satisfied with just getting through nine innings without any debilitating injuries.)

And boy, you thought Chris Russo complained heavily about Carlos Delgado's dances with Jose Reyes? Forget it. Even I could see from right field that the dance Delgado did with Gotay was not only rehearsed, but choreographed by Paula Abdul and taken straight out of the movie "Chicago" (I mean, not that I saw it or anything...I'm just assuming). I thought Eddie Van Halen was going to jump out of the stands and start playing the "Beat It" solo.

Not that I'm hating...I wish I could dance like that.

I don't suppose that in hindsight, the Yankees wish they had signed Jorge Sosa, do ya?

Well in hindsight, everyone does. It was nice of Jorge to tip his cap to the appreciative crowd...more than half of wish wanted to have Omar Minaya committed for signing him (and put me in that group)...after 6 and 2/3 innings today. And imagine that, his groin isn't fatigued...unlike the groin of Roger Clemens.

I heard that Alex Rodriguez's groin is fatigued as well...but for an entirely different reason.

(I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Other highlights of the day, which was spent with my longest standing friend (he wanted me to mention him, but I couldn't call him my "oldest" friend because he's really not that old...and I can't mention his name or else by common law, I would have to pay him...but he's my longest standing friend who was with me for such momentous Mets moments like Jose Uribe and Robby Thompson letting a pop fly drop between them letting the winning run score, and on the negative ledger, that "turn ahead the clock" game where Al Martin launched two home runs in a uniform that looked like something hatched from a Quentin Tarantino dream...but at least they weren't from Mercury).

As I was saying before I strayed to the service road...other highlights of the day included seeing some stray orioles (not Orioles) hanging out perched on the fair pole, and spilling onions and peppers (not Peppers) all over myself because of some soft bread holding the Premio sausage. I've got to learn to suck it up and deal with the soft bread and stop my bitching.


Anonymous said...

avoid the Premio. avoid the sbarro, too. slit your wrists before eating the sushi for the field box richies. stick with the chicken fingers and fries.

Margee said...

And always, but always, get a brown bonnet at the Carvel in the right field concession during the seventh inning. That's a Mets game right there.

And the dance skillz of the Mets are totally going to lead to another "Let's Go Mets!"-type music video. Only this one will have better choreography. And less Teufel.

Anonymous said...

and less hair

Anonymous said...

dude, can you have all the hyperlinks in your postings open up in a new browser tab?

i have A.D.D. and could definately use the help..

Anonymous said...

A dog and a beer folks. Might not be the healthiest, but it's the safest. Not really sure where they're getting that Premio sausage or that rubber chicken breast from.

The Uribe-Thompson pop-up error. I remember it well. 1986. I think Rafael Santana hit it, no?

The dance thing has gotten out of hand throughout baseball. Guys, just skim a high five and move on!

Anonymous said...

"dude, can you have all the hyperlinks in your postings open up in a new browser tab?"

That's YOUR job ... look at your browser's settings. When all else fails, right click!

Nothing Metstra can do will solve that ... check your settings/preferences to open links in new windows/tabs.

Metstradamus said...

Anonymous A.D.D. man,

That's not something I control from home base. Right click, then hit "Open in New Window".

As for your A.D.D. I can't help that. See your pharmacist.

Krup said...

man, i was wondering what was wrong with the sausages. i used to chow down on those with a vengeance every visit to shea and then i had one this year and pfffffffft. duh, it's the soft bread. don't get over it. go for the nathan's foot long (even though they make ned flanders uncomfortable)