Sunday, June 24, 2007

Attica! Attica!

"We won yesterday. If we win today, that's two-in-a-row. If we win tomorrow, that's called a winning streak; it has happened before." -Lou Brown, Major League
And on Sunday, it may happen again, thanks to Orlando Hernandez, the bullpen, and David Wright for a 1-0 victory at Shea Stadium on Saturday night.

No thanks to Marvin Hudson or the 7 train.

There was one of those magical Shea Stadium moments as Mike Piazza brought out the lineup card for Oakland before the game. I of course missed it because of the MTA, which put the D train on the C line bringing me to 42nd St. instead of 7th Ave., then two 7 trains fill up with Met fans before the announcement that the train would not be running from Times Square, but rather from Grand Central, adding more time to my commute, and putting me in the ballpark at the bottom of the first, and in a seat at the top of the second.

Game day, and there's limited 7 train reliability. My tax dollars at work.

Thankfully, Paul Lo Duca threw my tantrum for me in the sixth inning at home plate ump Marvin Hudson.

Now look, you don't show up the ump on balls and strikes...and that's what Lo Duca did. But don't you think that if a catcher is complaining that something is wrong? Why would a catcher show up the home plate ump knowing it may cost him, at the very least, some calls later in the game...or perhaps his presence in the game? I'll tell you why, because Marvin Hudson was obviously inconsistent. I couldn't tell from where I was, but if Lo Duca is making a production out of balls and strike calls, something is wrong.

(By the way, the "Paul Lo Duca" chant you heard tonight after the incident? All me. I started it. Unfortunately, the "Attica! Attica!" chant didn't catch on. One day...)

Orlando Hernandez had his splendid eephus pitch on the mark, the bullpen worked around a Carlos Delgado misplay in the ninth, Fluff Castro replaced Paul Lo Duca and started the winning rally, and David Wright got enough wood on the ball on the last pitch to pull out the victory. Did the "Curly Shuffle" which was played in the middle of the ninth have something to do with it? I'd like to think so. Bottom line? We win one on Sunday against Joe Kennedy and the swingin' A's, that's called a winning streak.

It has happened before.


I now have somebody to blame for making steroids popular. Drum roll...

Thom Brenneman.

During the Giants game on FOX (my faaaaaaaavorite baseball network), there was a graphic showing the NL all star game leaders...including Jose Reyes. From the corner of my ears, I could hear game announcer Brenneman say "oh, well Jose Reyes shouldn't be there, J.J. Hardy should."


Jose Reyes doesn't deserve to start the All Star game? Why? Because J.J. Hardy has more home runs? Thom? Have you seen Jose Reyes' stats? Or do you just value home runs?

Disclaimer: I think Jose Reyes deserves to start the all star game. I think J.J. Hardy deserves to start the all star game. They're both having great seasons. I have both players on one of my fantasy baseball teams, so I hope both of them rock the world the rest of the season. I think you can also make a case for Hanley Ramirez. All three deserve to be a part of the San Francisco festivities. And I certainly don't think J.J. Hardy is on steroids...

But as long as Thom Brenneman dismisses what Jose Reyes has done because J.J. Hardy has more home runs, all that's done is further the notion that nothing but the long ball counts. Indirectly, steroids are glorified.

Or could it be that Brenneman is sticking up for the poor midwestern player who doesn't get any votes because he plays in teeny little Milwaukee? Boo hoo! Don't like it Thom? Here's an idea, put the Brewers on FOX more often instead of chasing Roger Clemens all the time!

Attica! Attica!


You know you want to hear more rants like that. And if you tune into New York Baseball Live on 1240 WGBB AM from 9-11PM ET, or you hook yourself up to the internet, then you just might hear one. I will be on in the second hour to discuss my views on Paul Lo Duca's temper, Jose Reyes' statistics, and if you're lucky, an anti Yankee rant or two. And all that in a ten minute segment. Impossible? You're just going to have to tune in and find out.


Anonymous said...

Got lucky. Went to Shea on a whim with a few Bulldogs and got great seats in Section One. We had even a better view right over the plate than one Marvin Hudson. That pitch was SOOOOOOOOOOO inside it nearly grazed Lo Duca. Though we watched from the Mezz, if closer we would have joined the catcher in throwing our MR. MET T's to join Lo Duca's bat, helmut and catcher gear so beautifully strewn on the field of green.
Sorry to hear about your travel issues.
Bulldog Dad.

Ceetar said...

They also had a problem with Soriano starting. Did you notice also how the Fox guys had no idea when the voting ended? "I think it ends soon. It must end soon right?"

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Tom ... he's a good guy actually (as you well know from my stories, Metstra), but since when are dingers a SS's criteria?

Jose for President! Now there's a t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

on tv the replay showed it was over the plate, though perhaps a bit low. I figured he mustve been mad at something else for him to snap like tthat at a borderline pitch.

anyway great post, 'damus.
when you start a little win streak don't you realize how bluer the sky is, clearer your skin is, and better your posts are? time to get hot again with the cards coming to town.

SNK said...

Ceetar - i heard that too...hilarious. It must end soon?! your homework.

The Reyes comment was funny because he couldn't back it up after he said it. Hardy is having a career year no doubt, but that's not what he said. He was reading the potential lineup and said "Reyes, who doesn't deserve to be there..." which is totally different from saying that Hardy does. I thought he was kidding at first. He did eventually eat his words and say they both deserved it.

The Metmaster said...

Love the story coming out of Atlanta that John Smoltz and "Larry" Jones are sniping at one another over Larry's time on the DL. Larry whined that he felt pressured to come back too soon after Smoltz thanked the guys who made the effort to come out on the field to compete. Larry said he's going to play every game for the rest of the year, but warned that someone on the team better not miss a start. Delicious. Dissent among our enemies is good.

Anonymous said...

Friday night, the Fox New promo banners made great confetti for thousands of fans.

Unknown said...

I can't believe Brenneman! I too despise the FOX baseball announcers. Especially, Tim McCarver but don't get me started. The anti-New York sentiment is so evident in pretty much every national game telecast it's sickening.