Friday, June 24, 2005

Washing The Dark Side Away

Seems that Willie Randolph has indeed completely escaped the clutches and the hold of the Evil Empire. In today's Daily News, Randolph let his true feelings out, and in the process breaking the pattern of the automatic genuflecting at the feet of "the most reknown franchise in the history of pro sports":

"They'll (Yankee fans) try to be cutesy and think that they're original with that, 'Who's your daddy?' stuff. I don't know if (Martinez) cares really," Randolph said, looking ahead to Martinez's matchup with Mike Mussina tonight.

Randolph said he never felt like he was being groomed to become the Yankee manager, and, in true Met form, questioned why Roger Clemens ever threw that bat shard in the direction of Piazza.

He even recalled throwing peanuts at Roy White - his future teammate - as a youngster after getting free tickets.

Randolph revealed the Yankees once offered him the Triple-A Columbus gig. But, he added, it was a "real bad offer" that would have cost him $500,000 annual World Series checks. "You might get lost in the shuffle, but take that shot," Randolph said, portraying the attitude of Yankees brass.

Said Randolph: "My mama didn't raise no fool. I'm like, 'I'll stick it out.'"

Randolph always relished returning to the Stadium in a visiting uniform, as evidenced by his .400 average there as an opponent. As for Clemens hitting Piazza in the head, he added: "I'm more intrigued by when he threw the bat at him. I still don't understand that explanation."

Oh, it's on.

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