Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Incomplete Slogan

The Yankees had Mystique and Aura. The Mets? They have Prevention and Recovery. Boy, we're really running out of stripper names. No wonder we're held back as a species.

See, Jeff Wilpon's way of overhauling the medical procedures is to add a slogan and make a logo. It's like slapping a coat of nice paint over a busted septic tank. Well, Prevention and Recovery are off to a rip-roaring start. But just as there was no room in the budget for Jason Marquis, there's no room on the logo for the word "Diagnosis".
"Closer Francisco Rodriguez has pinkeye.

The Mets told K-Rod not to even show up at camp Thursday, although it's certainly not expected to be a setback."
Yeah. Surgery is on Thursday.

Also this from Ed Price:
"It took a week to figure out it was pinkeye."
Must have thought it was swine flu ... or bone spurs. Boy I hope those cortisone shots in both his eyes weren't too painful.

But I look at it this way: What would you rather have, Frankie resting with Pinkeye, or Frankie pitching every other day at the World Baseball Wheel Of Injury Classic?

Positivity, pass it on ... but please wipe your hands with some Purell before you do so.


MetFanMac said...

Just when I think the Mets' medical staff can't seem any more incompetent...

mistermet said...


i think the mets should hire me as their pink eye specialist. I'm sure that I could diagnose it and I'm certainly not a doctor. plus, i'll charge the team much less than the crooks running the medical staff charge (really, how does Ray Ramirez or whoever is running the show still have a job?)

Feel better, BB-Rod. a bit of advice...if the mets offer you for the hills.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I love your blog.
I myself have a blog.
Ben Testa

Anonymous said...

i'm sure i'll just be ridiculed for pointing out that many eye conditions produce similar symptoms to pink-eye, or conjunctivitis, and that any eye irritation should be taken seriously and diagnosed by a professional eye care specialist, not just assumed to be pink eye and thusly treated....but hey, i felt the need anyway, so ridicule away.

Certainly no different than ridiculing the Mets medical staff because a player has pink-eye....geez.


Pete said...

I hope the Mets medical staff hasn't misdiagnosed Frankie's eye problem. What if he has the pink version of jungle rot of the eye, or corneopeah? That's where the eyes blow up as big as baseballs, which can be very deceiving to a hitter.

The Metmaster said...


Love you dude, but I gotta side with Thomas on this one. Today's post smacks of piling on. Pink eye could initially look like a bunch of different shit. (allergies, etc.) It is not a big deal other than the fact that it is contagious. A day of eye drops and he will be back. Doctors today are less inclined to automatically prescribe antibiotics than they did is years gone by. Let's save the Mets medical staff criticism for serious screw-ups. Thomas, you owe me one.

Metstradamus said...

Well like I said, better this than the WBC.