Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Tin Foil On My Cat Keeps The Aliens Away

It was bad enough when Pat Gillick gave Bobby Abreu to the Yankees for nothing.

It was bad enough when a former Brave sabotaged the Mets playoff hopes on the last day of the season, then coincidentally expresses his desire to take less money to return to the Braves.

But now the dots are beginning to connect. Ed Wade, a former Phillies GM, in one of his first acts as current GM of the Astros, trades Brad Lidge and Eric Bruntlett to the Phillies, his former team, for Michael Bourn, Geoff Geary, and Mike Costanzo.

What, Ed Wade couldn't get Greg Luzinski's BBQ recipe and a pair of Bake McBride's old stirrups in return?

Here's what getting Brad Lidge does for the Phillies: First off, it enables the Phillies to send Brett Myers back to the rotation, strengthening that position for them. Getting Brad Lidge also, gets Brad Lidge for the bullpen. Lidge, last check, still throws 95 mph+.

But here's the worst part, boys and girls: Michael Bourn going the other way in the trade means that the Phillies now have an outfield position open for...Aaron Rowand to come back. Just when we thought there was no way that there would be room for the Phillies to keep a guy who's nothing but heart, soul, guts, and a .300 average, Ed Wade makes room for them by making this ridiculous trade. Now the Phillies get Aaron Rowand back, Brett Myers makes the rotation better, and they get Brad Lidge!!!

Meanwhile, in Flushing, the Mets are re-signing old players and chasing windmills in Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada. And you want to tell me there's no conspiracy? Screw that, I'll be off covering my cat in tin foil. Don Quixote...away!


katherine said...

I have a feeling that this year's Mets offseason is going to be like one of those dreams, where you are supposed to get to a new job, or to the first day of class, but you can't find your books anywhere, and you spend a lot of time trying to find where you're supposed to show up, and finally just when you think you're ready you look down and realize you have no pants on.

Demitri said...

Omar, you're asleep at the wheel.

Stop looking at distracting shiny objects (A-Rod) and address the Mets real needs - starting and relief pitching. The Phillies have just done both.

Rickey said...

Fuck A-Rod. Rickey prefers our current baseman just fine where his is (read: not in the goddamned outfield).

Maggs, Garza and Rauch are pretty much all the Mets need. Going after blockbuster deals is how we ended up stuck with illustrious talents of Mo Vaughn and Carlos Delgado at first base.

katherine said...

To all the people who like A Rod's numbers:

Put him on your fantasy baseball team.

MetFanMac said...

When saw breaking news of this trade, my first thought was, "Damn... the Astros just hosed themselves!"

Ed in Westchester said...

Lidge is prone to the long ball.

He will now be pitching in that launching pad named CBP.

He is also going to be playing in front of Philly fans, who are ot known for being caring when a pitcher blows a save.

He melted down after Albert took him deep twice. In Houston.

What is going to happen when he blows a game in April?

You think Santa had it bad?

The Astros wanted, per the paper today, Gomez (or was it Milledge?) plus pitching for Lidge.
Wade tried to rook Omar. I don't blame him for not making that deal.

It is early. Let's not worry too much yet. I know, we are Mets fans, that's what we do.


katherine said...

YAY! Ed in Westchester - your comment cheered me up so much! (that plus the two cosmopolitans I had earlier tonight)

Maybe Omar is really on top of things: all-knowing and all-seeing. Possibly that guy Lidge will be terrible for the PHillies. Wouldn't that be sweet.

I wouldn't so much mind trading Lastings. But not Carlos Gomez - I like the way he sniffs his bat before stepping up to the plate - very endearing.

The pitcher I would really like to have is Dontrelle Willis - I just feel like he BELONGS on the Mets

Demitri said...

except for Dontrelle's comments about "being happy for the Phillies" after Game 162.

Makes me want to see him traded to the Texas Rangers.