Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What the hell am I doing?

I tend to annoy my family and my closest friends.

You may say "Oh no, not YOU Metstradamus", but I do. When the baseball team I've rooted for since the age of six does something stupid like, oh I don't know, trade their best pitching prospect with his 96 mph fastball to Tampa Bay for Victor Zambrano, I tend to send mass e-mails out to voice my displeasure.

And while that in itself may not be so bad, my degenerate friends like to hit that good old "reply all" button hundreds of times to tell me what a moron I am (that's the persecution that I mentioned). Then I get the dreaded "please unsubscribe me from this list" e-mail which is the information super-highway version of the "Dear John" letter (it's not you, it's me...and my bandwith).

So that has brought me here. For better or worse, my musings and prophecies (commonly referred to as "load of crap") on the subject of baseball in general, the Mets in particular, can be found here from this day forward. (Whoever invented "the blog" is probably turning over in his grave right about now, and if he's not dead yet he'll read this and jump off the nearest highrise.)

On my journey you may look forward to the following:

  • Constant shots at the Wilpon family...I will never...EVER forgive the Kazmir trade.
  • An unhealthy dose of Yankee hating.
  • Lots of reminders that Jeff Kent is a whiny, wanna be Texan with a porn star mustache.
  • At least one essay on why FOX's Jeanne Zelasko should be dipped in motor oil and lit on fire.
  • Still more Yankee hating.
  • Jokes at Jason Phillips' expense.
  • Attacks aimed at my enemies.
  • Attacks aimed at my friends.
  • Self help sessions aimed at easing the pain of not getting an autograph from Bruce Boisclair as a young boy.
  • And lots, LOTS more!

Let the persecution begin!

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