Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Full Ties

Omar Minaya and Oliver Perez might as well have been in a Junior High School gymnasium during 8th grade prom, inching towards each other as all the cool kids have already found dance partners. When finally they embrace, they realize that the only dance partners they ever really needed were each other.

Minaya and Perez are the Skippy Handelman and Kimmy Gibbler of major league baseball. And finally, they've come to their senses and found each other. Play the slow music, Mr. Disc Jockey. We're havin' a slow dance for homecoming.


MetFanMac said...

And now I have some pretty disturbing images going through my head. :-| Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Please correct your very obvious mistake (might not mind). It's aggravating because the writing is so good, a glaring mistake like that really sullies it.