Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Former Met hurting...

When I think of Armando Benitez and "injury", I'm usually thinking of all of the cracked ribs he surely remember all those heimlich maneuvers performed on him after choking away big games, don't you? Instead, Benitez tweaked his hamstring while covering first base during the final out of San Francisco's 6-5 victory over San Diego on Tuesday night. Benitez recorded the win after, get this, blowing a two run lead in the 8th inning after a two run HR by Phil Nevin. Benitez is obviously in mid-season form.

Here are some fun facts about Benitez:
  • Was 143 for 143 in save opportunites against the Mets in 2003 for Florida.
  • Was 143 for 143 in save opportunites for the Mets in months April-August against teams at least 45 games under .500.
  • Was 3 for 87 in save opportunites in the month of September for the Mets.
  • Was 0 for 293 in save opportunites against teams who's name starts with the letter B and ends in "raves".
  • Players under 4' tall are hitting .390 against Benitez.

Here's a Metstradamus prophecy: on a cold September night against Atlanta, Armando Benitez will once again be haunted by the ghosts of Chippers past, and blow yet another save against the Braves thereby flushing the pennant down the toilet. He will walk off the mound with his head down past his knees while "The Lonely Man" from the Incredible Hulk TV series serenades him to the dugout.

Get well soon Armando.

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